Limited Edition - Maniac Ego

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Limited Edition - Maniac Ego

Postby W00dy on Wed Oct 11, 2006 12:34 pm

On Monday 9th October Planet Eclipse will be releasing a limited edition ego called the “Maniac Ego”

The Maniac Ego will include a two piece Shaft Barrel, the NEW Maniac Circuit board and will be available in a range of different colour schemes.


The Spec:-
Barrel: .693 Shaft back with 14” front colour matched to the marker.
Colour Schemes: Black, Black with Red Parts, Gun Metal Grey, Gun Metal Grey with Black Parts, Black with Gold Parts, Polished Gold and Polished Grey.
Maniac Board Features:
Customizable modes of fire.
Uncapped Ramping: the maximum rate of fire is limited by the feed rate of the loader.
Extended ROF Cap: the rate of fire can be capped up to 25bps in 0.1bps increments.
Fully Configurable Ramping: define the ramp kick-in, sustain and restart parameters to tune ramping as required.
Additional Debounce Levels: 9 levels provide a greater degree of fine tuning of the trigger debounce over the standard Ego.
Configurable Backlight and Adjustable Auto-Power-Off: provides greater control over battery life.

Availability Dates and Colours:
06/10/06: Black, Black/Red, Gun Metal Grey/Black.
13/10/06: Black, Gun Metal Grey.
20/10/06: Black, Gun Metal Grey.
27/10/06: Black, Black/Gold, Gold Polished, Grey Polished.
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