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Info on Back players

Postby FUBAR on Mon Jan 10, 2005 10:39 am

The Role of the Back Player
from Isaac Kennen

Paintball Player Skills
Back players are extremely important on the paintball field; their job is to make victory possible. This requires three primary skills: awareness of what is going on in the game, the ability to control the other team using suppressive fire, and the ability to communicate effectively with their front and mid players.

This is the core skill that back players must have. They must know what is going on before they could hope to lay down suppression fire or communicate effectively. The back player must constantly scan the field to learn where enemy players are and where they are planning to move. Back players must also be aware of where their teammates are and where they are planning on moving.

Being aware requires having a constant view of the field. This means that back players must use bunkers to shield themselves, but must never get tied down behind them.

Generally, don’t hide if you are being fired at. Instead, snap your paintball gun up and return fire. This keeps you in control of the situation and lets you keep scanning the field.
Suppressive Control
No player on the other team should move without being fired at by a back player. This requires back players to have a full view of the field, a happy trigger finger, a long-range paintball gun, and plenty of paint to spare. Back players carry the biggest harnesses with the highest number of pods. Conservation of paint is not an option for a back player. If an enemy player so much as put a pinky outside of the bunker, you should spray it. Suppressive fire serves two functions: it screws up the enemy’s strategy and it allows your teammates to move around more easily.

Communicating with your front and mid players is essential if you are going to play back. You should be calling out the positions of opposing players constantly. A good rule of thumb is that if you shoot at an enemy player, scream out their position for your teammates.

A back player must also provide guidance to front and mid players. Before any player makes a move the back players should first fill them in on where the enemy is and whether it is safe for them to move to the bunker they want to go to. The back players should also warn front and mid players of any enemy action that might put them in danger. If a front player is bunkered, the back player’s fault for failing to warn them.
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