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Info on Mid players

Postby FUBAR on Mon Jan 10, 2005 10:38 am

from Isaac Kennen

Paintball Team Strategy
It sometimes feels like front players get all the attention in speedball and tournament games. In reality, the midplayer has a critical role in making a team strong and successful.

Mid players must be able to move quickly without being a large target. They are often, but not always, a little bit larger than the front players and bit smaller than backs. A good mid players, however, will often be the most experienced paintballer on the field: mids have learned how to provide good suppression fire and have a thorough understanding of how field setups affect the game. Mid players must also be familiar with playing front – they must be able to switch from cool and calculating to fierce and aggressive as soon as it is needed.


In any tournament paintball game, the midplayer has three important functions.

The mid player’s first job is to provide suppression fire:

The first type of suppression is making sure that no player passes through a lane (the area between bunkers).
Because a player must cross lanes in order to move to another bunker, if you control these areas then you control the game.

The second type of suppression fire is targeted towards certain bunkers. In any game, there are some bunkers that you don’t want the other team to have because they will then have a good angle on one of your front players. If an enemy player does get to a bunker like that, then the mid player must keep firing on that bunker until the endangered front player can reposition.
The mid player’s second job is to communicate information from the back players, who have a “bird’s eye view” of the field, to the frontmen. The information a mid player passes on helps orchestrate a front player’s moves and stops them from getting trapped by the enemy. If the mid player doesn’t do this, and do it well, then the front players are virtually blind.
The mid player’s last job is to fill in for the front player if they are shot. As soon as a front player is out, the mid should be moving to take their place. Once the mid player is in the front position, they must be able to immediately start playing aggressively.
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